Sarah Guo

Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Independent

Coaching, Performance Management
Leadership, Leadership
Sarah Guo


Sarah, a seasoned coach since 2018, specializes in 1:1 coaching for leaders and high-potential talents across multi-national corporations in the APAC region, spanning China, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, and more. Her coaching expertise encompasses leadership, performance enhancement, career growth, and stress management.

Driven by innate curiosity and a generous spirit, Sarah passionately draws out the best in individuals. She firmly believes in everyone's inherent resourcefulness, advocating for diverse perspectives and motivation as catalysts for continuous development and maximal potential attainment.

With over 20 years’ diverse business background across multi-national, state-owned, and private firms. Sarah conducts workshops and training sessions on topics like "Leader as Coach" and "Communication Skills." Her MBA from a top Financial Times business school in the UK further complements her wealth of practical experience and expertise.