Dora Ke

Coach & Consultant, Freelance

Career Development, Leadership
Interpersonal Communication, Emotional Wellbeing
Dora Ke


As a seasoned psychologist, consultant, and coach, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With dual master's degrees in Organizational Psychology and Business Administration (MBA), and over 12 years of hands-on experience in consulting and entrepreneurship, I have honed my skills as a versatile practitioner.

Throughout my career, I've played pivotal roles in consulting and coaching engagements, guiding diverse organizations, teams and individuals towards achieving their full potential. I have spearheaded numerous leadership development initiatives, working closely with executives and emerging leaders to enhance their strategic thinking, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. 

Through tailored consulting and coaching, I guide professionals towards discovering their career aspirations, crafting meaningful work-life integration, and fostering mental resilience amidst the challenges of modern-day careers.

With a commitment to nurturing both individual and organizational growth, I offer a unique blend of expertise, insight, and practical strategies to drive sustainable success.