Sally Zhang

Executive & Career Coach, Growthspace

Coaching, Leadership
Personal Branding, Personal Branding
Sally Zhang


Sally brings transformative coaching experiences to over 100 individuals worldwide, spanning diverse industries. As a certified PCC Coach recognized by the International Coach Federation, Center of Executive Coaching (CEC), and Career Mentor with Career Direct, she leverages rich human resource and team management expertise.

Her coaching ethos revolves around fostering sustainable positive change in both clients and their businesses. Sally employs methods that prioritize self-awareness and drive success through enduring behavioral shifts. Employing a style she terms "tough empathy," she adeptly confronts without confrontation, guiding clients toward holistic development in both their essence and actions.

Sally's hands-on expertise extends across notable entities like Tencent, Tik Tok, Google, Atlassian, GE, PWC, IHG, Philip HealthCare, and Ogilvy, amplifying her coaching impact.