Richard Brubaker

Managing Director & Founder, Committee Chair, AMCHAM Sustainability and CSR Committee, Collective Responsibility

ESG and Sustainability, Strategy
Business, Business
Richard Brubaker


Richard Brubaker is a dynamic leader with over two decades of experience spearheading sustainability, CSR, and social innovation in Asia. Brubaker's expertise is evident in executive briefings and workshops for top firms like ABN Amro, Unilever, and Michelin, as well as crafting sustainability strategies for Nestle, Porsche, and Bayer. Richard Brubaker delivers compelling talks centered on pivotal themes in sustainability, including understanding sustainable consumers, catalysts for change, and navigating purchase paths through education. Drawing on his expertise, he delves into the role of sustainable design, materials, and waste management, showcasing best practices and guiding brands towards leadership in sustainability. Brubaker's practical approach emphasizes helping brands comprehend their clients' sustainability definitions, facilitating realignment of strategies, processes, products, and marketing to better align with consumer expectations. By elucidating these crucial steps, Brubaker empowers brands to embrace sustainable practices effectively and drive positive change in their industries.